Monday, October 8, 2012

It's So Sassy!

I'm taking a poll. Do you get more nervous making things for strangers or making things for those near and dear to you?

I get a little apprehensive making things for people I know. With people you don't know, you might not ever see them again so there's a good chance that you'll never know if they loved or hated your product. 
But with people you DO know... Well, that's a whole other story. I'm constantly wondering if this is good enough. Or "Ahhhhh! I hope the cupcake liners aren't sticking to the cake!" What's just a tad bit worse than people you know... are people that know the people you know. Those people could talk to your mom, cousin, brother, sister, uncle.. And you might not ever know the reason behind the "Oh, she tried to do her best but her cupcakes are hard as bricks." look. 

I worry all the time about things like that because I just don't have the confidence that it takes  to think what  I do is good. To myself I think that what I do is fabulous... It's what I think others think of me. People tell me I have talent, and I really do believe them. It's just that little low self confidence monster shows up every once in a while.

Despite that, I really am happy doing what I'm doing. I love making treats for a little girl's first birthday, a holiday party, and anything in between. And thank you all for letting me! =)

On to the actual reason I decided to post a blog entry today...

My mom works at a place that has a TON of people. And in that place are units. I am the official birthday cupcake girl for everyone in her unit. If you are in it then you will get cupcakes. I try to come up with something based on what the birthday girl, or boy, wants. Over the weekend someone had a birthday so they got cupcakes today. 
I have to say.. the cupcakes I made for her were the most fun cupcakes I've ever made. Secret ingredient: Nerds. (The candy.. not a guy wearing thick rimmed glasses and a pocket protector.)

Isn't this fun?!

When I'm making a new kind of cupcake I always have to try a bit of it and snap a few pictures. My intention is to blog my pictures but that doesn't happen as often as I like. My pictures rarely turn out like I want them. They're good.. just not great!

Anyway, these taste just like Nerds in cake form. So delicious!

It's so sassy!

I love the rainbow frosting on top!

A magical cupcake!
I hope the birthday girl enjoyed her cupcakes today! I know I sure had a blast making them!

By the way, the icing and the dark layer at the top of the cupcake is flavored with Kool-Aid! =)

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


  1. Love this! I know how you feel about making things for people you know.I do the same thing with making jewelry! The Nerd cupcake looks great, love the colors!

    1. I love your jewelry! It's so gorgeous. =) Makes me wish I wore jewelry more often.
      The cupcakes were a hit!

  2. I'm more concerned when it's people I know. That's probably because we want to do well for friends & family.

    1. I thought you might be one to agree with me. :-)

  3. Everyone at work--I work with your mom--talks about how your cupcakes just seem to be getting better and better. And, yes, these conversations happen when she's not even around. Trust me, you've got a gift!