Friday, October 5, 2012

Hey, Hi, Hello!

I'm sitting here in front of an open window.. wrapped in a blanket. I just can't bring myself to close the window because today is the definition of Fall. My apple cider candle is burning and I have cupcakes in the oven (SURPRISE!!). My cat is sitting on the windowsill having a staring contest with my dog that is on the front porch. The feline will win because my doggie has the attention span of a baby gnat. Needless to say, I am enjoying this day very much. The only thing missing is some kind of coffee/latte in my hand and Lauren (my niece) singing along with Dora in the next room.

This isn't really a baking related post... other than the fact that I AM baking at the moment. I just wanted to say hello to anyone that may read this. I hope you have a fab day!

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