Monday, May 21, 2012

My introduction...

I guess my first post should be an introduction about myself..

My name is Kristina and I'm in my mid twenties and  I love to experiment in the kitchen.  But what I love to do most is bake, cupcakes specifically...
I suppose that's all you really need to know about me, but I know people like to know a lot more about the person behind the blog. So, here goes...

I come from a family that loves to cook and eat. I think we have family get togethers just so we can eat. (Not that I'm complaining. It gives me a reason to experiment with my cooking and baking.)
My mother worked in bakeries doing everything you could imagine. She even did wedding cakes on the side. (I might even post some of her work on here in the future.) I remember always following her around like a puppy when she had a cake order, because I was always so interested in how she did things. Particularly, the decorating. She no longer works in bakeries, and only does cakes for an occasional family member, but to me she's still very talented.

My grandmother, on my dad's side, also had a love of baking. So much so that she would often make pies, cakes and cookies for everyone that held an office in her small home town. She was well loved by everyone. =) Every Christmas, without fail, she would make dozens upon dozens of any kind of sweet you could imagine. That was her gift to people. In her tiny house she had a pantry devoted to baking, and I was always a little jealous of it all.
This past November my grandmother passed away. We think she's baking pies for everyone in Heaven. So, we'll no longer get to enjoy her treats but we have so many memories that the whole  family holds dear.
When she passed, I inherited most of her baking arsenal...  I had already started dabbling in baking more than your everyday cupcakes and cookies, but when I got all of her supplies I was inspired to do more.

And this is where my story begins...


  1. Great story! Can't wait to see what goodness you bake next.